We are a three generation sewing team and have been providing warmth with our fleece mermaid hats and winter fleece products in Wisconsin since 1999. Selling only locally at various craft fairs and farmers markets throughout the northern area of Wisconsin.         


Since we debuted the Mermaid Hat, we have had nothing but rave reviews and requests to make the hat more accessible for our customers to share with their friends and family who can't make it to our scheduled shows.


We also produce a line of fleece mittens that range from thumbless infant sizes to the monster mitten, six different sizes in all! Along with various sizes and styles of hats. We do hope to make more of our products available through our website soon.   


Thank you to all the wonderful people who have purchased our fleece products. Without your support and loyalty, we could not make this happen! We look forward to sharing our products with you for years to come.

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Mermaid Hat

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